Apple iPhone XR 15,5 cm (6.1 ") Dual SIM iOS 14 4G 64 GB Yellow

Brand: Apple Product family: iPhone Product series: XR Product name: iPhone XR

iPhone XR
Brilliant inside and out.
New Liquid Retina, the most advanced LCD display in the industry. Face ID even faster. The smartest and most powerful smartphone chip there is. A revolutionary camera system. iPhone XR. A marvel, in every sense.

Liquid Retina
The most advanced LCD display in the industry.
Brand new Liquid Retina. Engineering innovations allow the screen to reach into the corners of the device - it's the all-screen design with the largest LCD ever seen on an iPhone, yet it fits comfortably in the hand.

Innovating is beautiful. Our new LCD is the most advanced in the industry, and no one else will give you better color fidelity. Feast your eyes - everything you see is more realistic than ever.

Best color fidelity in the industry. Advanced color management automatically shows you images in a wide color range, so everything you see becomes spectacular.

True Tone. A six-channel ambient light sensor precisely adjusts the white balance based on the color temperature of the light around you. Thus the brightness of the images on the display has the same naturalness of the printed paper, and your eyes get tired less.

Resistant to water and dust. The strongest front glass ever seen on a smartphone is sealed and made to adhere with extreme precision to the aerospace aluminum profile, creating a water-resistant structure: up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. And iPhone XR isn't afraid of liquids like coffee, tea, and other drinks either.

Face ID
Your face is your password.
Simple and safe. Face ID has revolutionized the way we unlock phones, log into apps and make payments. Thanks to some of our most sophisticated technologies (the TrueDepth camera system, the Secure Enclave and the Neural Engine) it is the most secure form of facial authentication ever created for a smartphone. And now it's even faster and easier to use.

Adaptive recognition. Face ID relies on an advanced form of machine learning to detect changes in your appearance: it recognizes you even if you put on a hat or glasses, and it even works with many types of sunglasses.

Do more at first glance. Face ID is not just for unlocking the iPhone: with a simple glance you can enter your username and password without having to write them by hand.

Unlock instantly. Thanks to the advanced Secure Enclave and new algorithms, Face ID is even faster. And therefore even more comfortable.

Log into your accounts and apps. Face ID works with the apps you already use, such as those for home banking or health, and also with password-protected notes and documents.

Apple Pay in stores. Searching for the wallet is not necessary: ​​you just need to bring the iPhone close to the POS terminal. And it's even safer than using your physical credit card.

Apple Pay online and in apps. Pay for a taxi ride, a pizza delivery or a new pair of shoes? It has never been easier.

How much technology is behind this simplicity? The innovative technologies of the TrueDepth photographic system work in real time to recognize you instantly.

A12 Bionic
The smartest and most powerful smartphone chip there is.
A new intelligence quotient. The A12 Bionic chip, with our next generation Neural Engine, offers incredible performance. By taking advantage of machine learning in real time, revolutionize the way you experience augmented reality, photos, games and much more.

CPU designed by Apple. The new performance controller dynamically divides the tasks between the six processor cores: two handle the heaviest calculations to give you better performance, four solve routine operations in a super-efficient way. And when more power is needed, the controller puts all six cores to work.

Apple-designed GPU. We've added a fourth core which, along with lossless memory compression, gives even more impetus to graphics performance in games, video editing and apps that put the most strain on the GPU.

Neural Engine designed by Apple. Our neural engine is designed to enable an advanced form of real-time machine learning. In practice, iPhone XR is capable of recognizing recurring patterns, making predictions and learning from experience, a bit like you do.
The Neural Engine is incredibly fast: it performs five trillion operations per second. It is incredibly efficient, because it can do everything in real time. And it is also incredibly smart, because it allows you to dive into augmented reality, or maybe find in a moment all your photos of dogs, beaches or children.

Not only that: we have opened the Neural Engine to the Core ML platform, so developers can now enrich their apps with real-time machine learning, which takes place directly on your iPhone.

Optimized ISP. The image signal processor has been refined to analyze scene depth even better and capture incredibly detailed images in Portrait mode. And thanks to the Smart HDR feature you will notice a much wider dynamic range in your photos.

A12 Bionic in action. With the processing power and intelligence of the A12 Bionic chip, iPhone XR can do extraordinary things. But the chip was also designed to consume as little battery as possible: you have a lot of autonomy even when you push it to the maximum.

12MP rear camera

7MP TrueDepth front camera

IPhone only
There is no one like the iPhone.


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