Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

A revolutionary object disguised as a pencil.
There may be times when, on your iPad Pro, you want to work even more precisely. That's why we created the Apple Pencil, carefully designing it to make the most of the versatility of Multi-Touch. Apple Pencil allows you to achieve all kinds of effects, calibrated down to the last pixel, and to have a creative freedom never seen before. Even though it is based on revolutionary technology, as soon as you pick it up it will be instantly familiar to you.

The line that unites and creates.
You already know how to use it: from the first moment, Apple Pencil does just what you expect, and more. You can draw a landscape, do a watercolor portrait, or make a floor plan: Apple Pencil is many tools in one. And it never limits your creativity.

Ready response, virtually zero delay.
Apple Pencil is faster and more responsive than other creative tools. This is because the latency, i.e. the small delay between the moment you start drawing and the moment the stroke appears on the screen, is almost imperceptible.

iPad Pro understands if you are using your finger or Apple Pencil. If it detects Apple Pencil, the subsystem scans its stroke 240 times per second, capturing twice as many points as it normally captures when you use your finger. Thanks to this technology, and to the software designed by Apple, it only takes a few milliseconds to switch from the image you have in mind to the one on the display.

Thin, medium or thick stroke. Just press.
The thin profile of Apple Pencil hides sophisticated sensors capable of recognizing the various degrees of pressure. When you pass the tip on the display, the sensors detect the intensity with which you press: to have thick strokes you have to press harder, for thin lines a lighter touch is enough. Thus you can achieve practically infinite creative effects. Come your imagination.

Tilt your hand to dare more shades.
Two sensors integrated into the tip of the Apple Pencil accurately calculate the orientation and angle of your hand. As you write or draw, the Multi ‑ Touch display detects the position of each sensor and lets you blend the line by tilting the Apple Pencil, just like you would with a pencil or charcoal.

Try it: Place your hand on the display.
iPad Pro has special palm recognition technology. When you use the Apple Pencil, you can concentrate only on the drawing and place your hand on the screen as it comes most natural to you: your iPad knows how to distinguish it from a real touch and does not care.

Created for creatives of all kinds.
Precision and versatility make Apple Pencil a perfect tool for all artists, even those who don't usually work digitally. Find out how Apple Pencil helps them bring their works to life.

Suddenly, your favorite apps have more life.
Apple Pencil works best when you use it with the app included in iOS 9. But it's also compatible with other iPad apps from the App Store. You will be able to work and create in ways never seen before, in a whole new dimension.

Reasons for the purchase

12 hours of autonomy: so you don't run out of energy. And ideas.

Under the Apple Pencil's magnetic cap is a Lightning connector that lets you recharge it simply by plugging it into an iPad Pro. The connector is a little longer than usual, so you can plug it in even if you're using the silicone case. With one charge you can write, rewrite and draw for up to 12 hours. And if the battery runs out in the middle of a job, charge it for just 15 on the iPad Pro and you'll have another 30 minutes of battery life.



Collect brainstorm ideas. Draw a pattern as you go through the lesson. With drawing tools optimized for Apple Pencil, the Notes app works with you in so many new ways.



Apple Pencil gives Mail an extra creative touch too. Add a touch of whimsy to your messages with drawings, or personalize PDFs and documents by annotating them by hand.


Fifty-three card

Simple and intuitive, Apple Pencil is perfect together with Paper by FiftyThree. Write, draw and color to create a project, prepare presentation graphics or jot down a great idea.


Adobe Comp CC

From a quick sketch to the finished layout - it's a snap with Adobe Comp CC. You have lots of beautiful templates, professional vector graphics features, and a great choice of images and fonts. Are you a designer? With Apple Pencil you have an advanced but very simple tool, made just for working on your layouts on iPad Pro. With a tap, you transform simple shapes like circles and squares into active placeholders for images. And if you need some fake text, just draw a few lines and add a point.


Device compatibility
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