Apple Watch Nike SE GPS + Cellular, 44mm Silver Aluminum Case

Advanced sensors to measure how much you move every day and record all your workouts.

Powerful features to keep you connected and to live an active, healthy and safe life.
Advanced sensors to measure how much you move every day and record all your workouts.
And models with cellular connectivity so you can forget your phone at home.
Apple Watch SE gives you a lot, less than you think.

It is the ideal fitness companion.
Throughout the day, the three Activity rings show you how much you move and train, and how many times you stand up.
And with the app
Workout You can record workouts of all kinds, from Pilates to Bike to Dance.

Freestyle. Even in the water.
Apple Watch SE is water resistant up to 50 meters deep.
You can dive into the pool and have an eye on the number of laps and split times.
Or you can go out and swim in the sea, and see on the map the route you take.

Find out how many ways you can sweat.
What's your favorite workout? You can choose between Running, Walking, Yoga, Biking, HIIT cardio training, Pilates and many others.
Just tap and the workout begins.
And when you are at the gym you can also pair your Apple Watch SE with compatible machines: it will help you to give your best.

Do not lose sight of the health of your heart.
With the Heartbeat app you can check the rhythm of your heart whenever you want.
And if the heartbeat is irregular, or if the rate is too high or too low, you get a notification.

Find your center with Mindfulness.
The Mindfulness app is here to help you reduce stress, train you to be more present and mentally prepare for new challenges.
It can guide you in a series of deep breaths, and invite you to take a break by offering you short ideas for meditation.

Need help? He calls it.

Apple Watch SE notices if you take a bad fall; and if you stop moving afterwards, he sets up a call to the emergency services.
And now the fall detection works even while you use the Training app.
In an emergency, calling for help is a matter of seconds: just hold down the side button, even if you are abroad.

Think of you day and night.

The Sleep app works in tandem with your iPhone to keep track of how and how much you sleep, and helps you create a bedtime routine to improve the quality of sleep.
It also shows you a graph of how you have been sleeping lately, so you can check how often you reach your goals.

Thousands of apps to tap.
Apps from the App Store multiply the capabilities of your Apple Watch.
Do you want to improve your tennis serve, record your surf trips or travel by subway? Without a doubt, there is an app that is right for you.
And many of the ones you use on your iPhone are also available for Apple Watch, so you can do even more things right from your wrist.

Music (and audiobooks and podcasts) for your ears.
What do you need to give yourself a boost? You can choose from 75 million songs on Apple Music, or listen to an audiobook or new episodes of your favorite podcasts.
In short, if you need the right inspiration to train, you know where to find it.

Over 30% larger display than Series 3 models. Up to 2x faster than Series 3 models
Apple Watch SE has over 30% larger Retina display than Series 3 models.
And the S5 SiP chip with 64-bit dual-core processor is up to twice as fast as the S3 chip. In practice: a big difference.

Elastic straps.
Change your Apple Watch band as often as you like:
with many styles and colors to choose from, it only takes a few seconds to redo the look.


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