ASUS Vivowatch with Heart Rate Sensor Black Version

Aerobic heart rate indicator A handy LED indicator informs you if you are performing aerobic exercise or are forcing the same.

A watch that is more careful than you think

ASUS VivoPulse technology
ASUS VivoPulse technology monitors your heart rate in real time for a more efficient training session and accurate data on calories burned and sleep quality.

Aerobic heart rate indicator
A handy LED indicator informs you if you are performing aerobic exercise or are forcing the same.

Sleep analysis
Check the quality of sleep by analyzing its duration and quality.

Happiness Index (HI)
An easy-to-understand assessment of general well-being, amount of exercise and sleep.

Family care network
Keep in line with the wellbeing of your loved ones via the app or website.

Longer battery life
10 days duration under normal operating conditions.

Water resistance (IP67)
ASUS VivoWatch can be submerged within 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes

Improve your heart health
ASUS VivoWatch integrates the exclusive VivoPulse technology which uses an integrated optical sensor capable of continuously and accurately monitoring the heart rate without the need to wear an uncomfortable chest sensor. ASUS VivoWatch uses this precise heart rate measurement to show the number of calories you burn each day and provide useful information about your exercise and sleep quality.

24/7 heart rate monitoring
ASUS VivoWatch measures heart rate 24 hours a day to accurately track physical activity and sleep quality.

Aerobic heart rate indicator
Regular aerobic exercise provides numerous health benefits. ASUS VivoWatch has a handy LED indicator that turns green when you are doing aerobic exercise and burning calories. If, on the other hand, you are pushing yourself to the limit, the indicator signals this by turning red.

Exercise functionality:

Counts the number of steps performed in a day.

Calculate how many calories are burned each day. Heart rate, activity level, gender, age and weight data provide an accurate calculation.

UV index
The integrated UV sensor allows you to control the level of UV exposure.

Activity reminder
Encouragement to get up and move at regular intervals.

Quality of sleep
Ensure proper rest to feel your best every day. ASUS VivoWatch measures and analyzes your heart rate, sleep time and the number of times you turn or move while you sleep to give you an effective picture of your sleep quality.

ASUS VivoWatch also helps you wake up every morning with a gentle alarm vibration.

Healthier and happier
The Happiness Index (HI) is a simple numerical score based on your sleep and exercise measures that provides a brief summary of your overall lifestyle health.

Happiness index

Check your family's health
Nothing is more important than the health and happiness of the people you care about. Using the ASUS HiVivo app or the ASUS Healthcare website, you can easily stay up to date with the well-being of loved ones wearing ASUS VivoWatch, no matter where they are.

Designed for continuous use

Longer battery life
VivoWatch ASUS offers 10 days of battery life in normal mode and up to 24 hours in fitness mode with active heart rate monitor.

ASUS VivoWatch can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, so you can wear it all day, even in the shower.

Synchronize, manage and update
VivoWatch easily synchronizes with your smartphone or PC and allows you to see the complete exercise history, sleep quality analysis and goal details.

ASUS VivoWatch watch will continue to evolve with regular updates that add new features and further enhance the user experience.

Call notifications
Discrete vibrations notify you of incoming telephone calls.

Messages and likes
Encourage family and friends to lead healthy lifestyles.

Dial appearance
Customize your watch according to your style.



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