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Inpods Air TWS is a product made with the latest technologies

Inpods Air TWS is a product made with the latest technologies The earphones are small, designed and youthful.

Elegant device to listen to music wirelessly or make phone calls
It fits well in the ear and can be carried comfortably in a stylish carrying and charging case
Change music, answer calls, easily control your phone with just a few taps. Automatic pairing!
Pop-up on IOS + touch Activate SIRI on Android Simple connection
Both headsets are turned on during a phone call
The next time after pairing, the headset will automatically connect to the device after turning on the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which takes music listening to a new level with lower power consumption
A more stable connection and faster data transfer than its predecessor, version 4.2
Soft touch design: incredibly soft and pleasant surface Parameters: Range: 15 m
Music playback / call: approx. 240 minutes Charging time: approx. 1 hour
Active noise filter: yes Frequency transmission: 20-2000Hz Matte surface
Compatible with all of the Android, PC and IOS operating systems.

Available color: Blue

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