Buy the best bluetooth headphones online at discounted prices with Electron-Max offers: you can choose from a wide range of models from the top brands of Xiaoni, JBL, Baseus, QCY

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YELI Touch Screen TWS Headphones Wireless Earphones

Music Playback Time (100% Volumes): About 4-5 Hours
From €34.49 incl tax

TWS Wireless Headset with Screen and Powerbank

Superb Wireless Stereo Headset
From €24.80 incl tax

XG12 TWS Earphone Charging Box 5.0 for all wireless devices

Remove the headphones from the charging box, the headphones will automatically turn on, automatically pair, no need to use, they are easy to use and convenient.
From €24.78 incl tax

Air pro wireless noise canceling bluetooth

Our new Bluetooth headset is simply a fantastic experience in terms of excellent quality and performance!
From €23.99 incl tax

Earphones Inpods 12 wireless Macaron bluetooth headphones

Inpods Air TWS is a product made with the latest technologies
€19.99 incl tax

M18 tws in-ear headphones with LED display HD sound quality Clear stereo effect power bank

Pause / play (1 tap on status music) Summon voice assistant (long press for 2 seconds to summon SIRI assistant)
From €24.50 incl tax

Bluetooth Headphones with BT 5.0 TWS Fingerprint WIFI Button

Enjoy Hifi scenes and Enjoy immersive 9D stereo surround sound effects
From €22.80 incl tax

TWS Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Earphones with LED Display

ANC TWS Bluetooth 5.2 Cuffie Con Microfono HD Stereo Senza Fili Display LED
€39.37 incl tax €30.69 incl tax

Bluetooth earphones Touch wireless headphones - i11 5.0

With high quality speaker, deep stereo bass sound quality
€25.00 incl tax €20.99 incl tax

Baseus Encok WM bluetooth Earphones bluetooth headphones

Very small and stylish bluetooth headphones
€38.25 incl tax €29.74 incl tax

In-Ear Pro bluetooth Touch earphones with fingerprint sensor

Compatible with any Android or IOS phone, tablet
€36.30 incl tax €24.99 incl tax

Baseus Bluetooth Headset Licolor Magnet Silver Black for all phones

Fixed magnetic design, can be absorbed and fixed firmly on the neck when you take it off
From €27.99 incl tax