Buy the best bluetooth headphones online at discounted prices with Electron-Max offers: you can choose from a wide range of models from the top brands of Xiaoni, JBL, Baseus, QCY

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Baseus Encok W17 Bluetooth Headphones Gaming Earphones Stable Connection

Bluetooth 5.0, faster transmission and stable connection
From €53.55 incl tax

Baseus Encok W6 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Excellent Audio Quality, Super Bass, Noise Cancellation, Wireless Charging
From €48.80 incl tax

Huawei FreeBuds 3i Wireless In-ear Headset Music and Calls USB Type-C Bluetooth Black

Bluetooth is a low power consumption based radio technology developed to replace cables currently used to connect electronic devices such as computers, printers and a wide range of handheld devices including cell phones.
From €68.00 incl tax

Air Pro 4 Mini Portable Bluetooth Headphones for Android and IOS

2021 Newest Mini TWS Earbuds Pro 4 portable true wireless headphones for Android IOS
From €23.99 incl tax

JBL Tune500BT Wireless Hybrid Bluetooth Headphones for Android and IPhone

JBL TUNE 500BT headphones allow you to stream powerful, powerful sound for up to 16 hours of pure pleasure.
€42.88 incl tax €29.90 incl tax

Xiaomi Mi sport Lite Bluetooth / Standard / mini wireless waterproof earphone

Maximum comfort and secure fit for everyone Balanced and deep audio
From €42.67 incl tax

Bluetooth Headphones with Custom QCY Touch App With 4 Mic

Bluetooth Headphones with Custom App. Four noise-canceling microphones for the call were assigned in two headsets
From €35.80 incl tax

Best Baseus encok PRO Headset Wireless Charging

Enjoy wireless music in the highest quality
From €45.99 incl tax

QCY Hybrid Bluetooth Touch Headphones With 4 mic Noise Canceling

Talk wherever you are: four call microphones with noise cancellation were assigned to two headphones, one for each voice and the other for noise
From €44.00 incl tax

Baseus Encok D02 Hybrid Bluetooth Headset With or without cable

Wireless Bluetooth earphones with a long battery life
From €43.99 incl tax

QCY HTC TWS Bluetooth Earphones, BT 5.1, hybrid bluetooth headphones with four microphones for all oppo phones xiaomi samsung iphone Tv tablet

hybrid ANC technology makes HT01's feed-forward and feed-back microphones louder than single ones, it will give you a quiet and private world.
From €43.50 incl tax

Latest wireless waterproof Bluetooth headphones

Compatible with 99% of the market Metastream digital products
From €31.59 incl tax