Sharkoon Skiller SGH1 Headset Wired Pavilion Play JACK 3.5MM PC PS4 XBox One

A combination of lightness and power Finally we can say that the combination of lightness and powerful sound are no longer a contradiction. The SGH1 stereo gaming headphones offer maximum comfort thanks to their low weight of only 253 grams. The padded headband is self-adjusting to best adapt to the shape of your head. The modular cabling allows the SGH1 to be compatible with all standard PCs, including the most modern notebooks, ultrabook smartphones and the latest generation consoles.

All the comfort in the new SKILLER design The earcup cushions are very large and comfortable, circumaural type. 40mm drivers deliver explosive sound. The flexible and detachable microphone offers crystal clear voice transmission, whether in games or voice chats. Aesthetically, the headphones are presented with attention to the smallest details, the pavilions are colored in black and blue and the cable is made of fabric braid.


Flexibility blends with comfort If it were possible to swap the ear cushions of your headphones, what would you do? Would you choose the leatherette or the fabric? Well with the Skiller SGH1 we have both, as they are already included in the package. At this point you just have to decide which ones are best suited to your needs. If you want to use the headphones on the go, you can easily remove the microphone.


Possibly short, if necessary long The SGH1 headphones are connected via the TRRS jack to the most modern smartphones and consoles. The fabric braid cable with gold-plated stereo jack can be extended up to 250 cm if necessary, as well as shortened up to 110 cm, satisfying every need. It is possible to connect the headphones to an external sound card, as for example to our Sharkoon X-Rest 7.1 surround sound support, or to smartphones, ultrabooks and game controllers. The additional cable, also in fabric braid, which is used as an extension, is ideal for connecting headphones to any PC. To underline the inline controls on the latter, which allow you to adjust the volume and activate the mute function of the microphone.

Product type
The sub-category of the product.
Style of use
The way the device is worn.
A Pavilion
Recommended use
What the product should be used for
To play
Headset type
A headset is a headset combined with a microphone
Product color
The color eg. Red
Type of control unit
Control unit in line
Indicates if the PC product supports the "connect and worker" option = hard drive or software which, after being installed (connected) can be used immediately (used), unlike the hard drive or software which installs a configuration

Connection technology
The technology that allows the connectivity of the device, eg. wired or wireless.
3.5 mm connector

Contact plating
What the connector contacts are covered with (top layer).
Earphone design
There is a choice between earphones inserted into the ears by the ear. Open earphones have a padded sponge that stays fixed to the ear or padded rings that surround the ear. Closed earphones, on the other hand, are almost always arranged with circular pads for the ears.
Headphone frequency
The range of frequencies (low to high sounds) that the headphones can produce.
20 - 20,000 Hz
The effective resistance of an electrical circuit or component to alternating current
Headphone sensitivity
driver unit
4 cm
Microphone type
The characteristics of the microphone integrated into the device in terms of receiving signals from all or from one direction, i.e. omnidirectional (better for concerts and the like vs unidirectional, more suitable for voice recording.
microphone frequency
The range of frequencies (low to high sounds) that the microphone can pick up (pick up).
50 - 16000 Hz
Microphone sensitivity
-58 dB
Microphone input impedance
Microphone direction type
Detachable microphone

Other characteristics
Audio system
An audio output channel is an electrical circuit that serves as a path for a signal produced by a device. A device can have several audio output channels.
2.0 channels
User manual



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