Waterproof case for smartphone iphone Mimacro

Practical universal smartphone case - quality from the Mimacro brand

Practical universal smartphone case - quality from the Mimacro brand.

Resale package in rigid PVC and hole for blisters hook, complete with instructions for use (in Italian), and string to hang around the neck.

Space size for smartphone:
Width 10 cm
Height 17


Voyager is the waterproof case that can protect your smartphone from water, chlorine, sand and creams. The IPX8 certification allows the waterproof case to be waterproof up to 20 meters deep. Equipped with a comfortable adjustable strap, Voyager can be worn around the neck or wrist and is made of soft and touch sensitive material, compatible with 3D Touch and Face ID. To better immortalize the holidays and remember the Summer, a practical band has been designed on the back that allows a firmer and safer grip for taking selfies both horizontally and vertically.


You can choose from the following colors:

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